Construction Services we have to offer

Full turnkey solution

SUSCON is an EPC contractor and offers its clients full engineering, procurement and construction services for projects built using conventional or alternative building methodologies. We are an approved grade 2 National Council for Construction general building contractor in Zambia. We provide construction services into other countries on a case by case basis.


In addition to general building services, SUSCON’s speciality is delivering complex buildings in multiple remote locations. Our skill sets and resources are well suited to social infrastructure projects such as hospitals, clinics, universities, schools and other civic use buildings. Quality and rapid execution are the foundations upon which SUSCON has built its name.

Construction company in Zambia
Construction company in Zambia


The SUSCON Construction division consists of 40 site managers and more than 300 labor workers trained and qualified to build any construction project. We are a Grade 2 National Council for Construction general building contractor and approved for International quality standards.

Construction company in Zambia


SUSCON has a specialist roofing division that can tackle the most complex and innovative of roofing projects. Our computer aided design and manufacturing technology enables us to design and fabricate fully engineered steel roofing solutions to millimeter precision.

Suscon Construction Solutions in Zambia - Solar and electrical

Electrical & Solar

SUSCON offers turnkey electrical and solar solutions through its electrical division. This division has a capable and competent electrical team with significant experience in dealing with engineering consultants. Our work includes residential, commercial and industrial electrification, off grid solutions and distribution.

Projects we have completed

Low & Medium cost Housing

Luxury & Exclusive Homes



Schools & Orphanages

Clinics & Hospitals

SPIRE© Methodology

For the delivery of ambitious infrastructure projects and for high quality buildings a suitable build methodology is required. The SPIRE© Build Methodology makes use of computer designed engineered steel frame at the core, is finished with conventional plaster, and is insulated with
polyurethane spray foam. The result is a greener, more energy efficient building with excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. The build methodology allows the project delivery to run smoothly and take advantage of factory precision engineering and quality control.

Suscon Construction Solutions in Zambia
The Spire© Process

Design & Fabricate Light Steel Frame

Projects are designed on computer aided design software in order to visualize the project, eliminate error, calculate costs and prepare before any construction costs are involved. The software is integrated with our modern machinery which cuts each profile to millimeter precision based on the design approved by an engineer.

Assemble and Install Light Steel Frame

The light steel frame profiles are transported to site where it is pre-assembled according to the design. The assembled parts are installed and fixed together with less labor, more effectively and in a shorter time frame saving you money.

Fix vapor barrier and mesh

A barrier layered in 3 different material compositions are fixed onto the light steel frame in order to create a durable wall coverage which encloses the complete

frame. This barrier consists of natural materials reducing the carbon footprint.

Install Electrical and Plumbing Services

Once the barrier have hardened, the installation of electrical and plumbing services are installed according to engineering specifications. All electrical and water systems are tested and approved before insulation is applied.

Insulate and Plaster

The insulation of the building is applied with expanded Polyurethane foam, which provides excellent sound and thermal insulation. After the building have been insulated, it is covered with plaster and painted afterwards.