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SUSCON Construction Solutions, The Premier turnkey construction company in Zambia and beyond.

Revolutionizing the Construction Industry in Africa

SUSCON was founded in 2013 by Charl Marais and Geoff Walsh with a vision to change, improve and revolutionize the construction industry in Africa.

SUSCON Construction Solutions is your trusted company in the realm of construction. Specializing in industrial, commercial and residential construction, we offer an all-encompassing suite of services that include construction, procurement, and engineering. 

Our focus extends to the development of critical infrastructure in challenging terrains, enabling progress in areas that were previously untouched. With our headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia, we embrace our roots while extending our services to neighboring countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

We are not just builders; we are partners in development, creators of possibilities, and architects of change. For robust and holistic construction solutions, choose SUSCON – Where construction meets innovation.

Light Steel Frame Roof constructed in Zambia

Services we offer

Design & Engineering

Shape the future with visionary designs and engineering. Our experts blend creativity and precision to craft innovative solutions. Thoughtful design turning concepts into reality.


Elevate your projects with expert construction services from concept to completion. We transform ideas into reality with precision and quality. Seamless project turnkey execution.

Prefabricated Construction

Experience the future of construction with our prefabricated systems. Efficient, sustainable, and precise, these systems redefine construction speed, offering a new paradigm in building.

Light Gauge Steel Roofing

Our roofing systems combine durability, sustainability and aesthetic appeal. This is the innovation of roofing systems that redefine resilience. Designed to precision and faster assembly.

Solar & Electrical

Empower your projects with sustainable energy solutions. Our comprehensive solar and electrical services integrate cutting-edge technology, ensure efficiency, reliability and a greener future.

Procurement &Logistics

Streamline your projects with seamless procurement and logistics. Our efficient processes ensure timely delivery of materials, optimizing project timelines and cost-effectiveness.

Construction Projects in Africa

Construction of a warehouse

Warehouse Construction

Warehouse construction is about creating optimized spaces for storage, distribution and logistics. These structures blend smart design with technology to maximize storage, streamline operations, and adapt to changing needs. From layout to materials, every detail contributes to efficient workflows and the success of supply chains.


Hospital Construction

Hospital construction is a specialized endeavor focused on creating healthcare environments that promote healing and wellness. These structures combine advanced medical technology with thoughtful design to ensure optimal patient care, comfort, and safety. Hospital construction aims to provide spaces that support medical excellence and compassionate healing.

Office Construction

Office construction involves creating spaces that go beyond aesthetics, focusing on functionality and productivity. From open layouts that foster collaboration to private offices that ensure focus in the workplace, these structures are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses.


School Construction

School construction is dedicated to designing educational spaces that inspire growth and development. These structures blend innovative architecture with functional design to create classrooms, libraries and facilities that foster effective learning. It is about shaping spaces that nurture knowledge, creativity and success.


Residential Construction

Residential construction is the art of turning dreams into reality. From cozy family homes to luxurious estates, these structures are tailored to reflect individual lifestyles and preferences. Every detail from layout to finishing touches contributes to creating spaces that offer comfort, functionality and a place called home.

Ad-Hoc Construction

Ad-hoc construction involves flexible and customized building solutions. These projects can range from temporary structures to unique design challenges. With a focus on adaptability and creativity, ad-hoc construction offers versatile solutions that meet specific needs, often embracing innovative techniques to achieve exceptional results.

"I can fully express how thankful I am for the wonderful job you did for our college in building the two clinic additions. From the foundation all the way to the final frame in 19 days was an amazing feat! Block construction of a similar building of 6 500 square feet would have taken over 4 months! I want you to know that I truly am impressed with the quality of work you did for our college. Again, thank you for the quality of your workmanship and the integrity of your company."
Kris Bjorgen
Vice Chancellor, Ambassador International University
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